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Bay Windows

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Cappy’s Windows would like to introduce you to our top manufacturers that offer high quality energy efficient and energy STAR certified windows. Cappy’s Windows are committed to providing top quality windows from the top manufactures in the industry. We offer top manufacturers of windows such as: Marvin, Integrity,and Energex Windows. We sell and install both new construction and replacement style windows. Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Metal clad and more. With our large selection you will be able to choose any style, shape and size of your desired window. Some of our top selling windows are Bay Windows. Bay Windows usually have inside angle of 90, 135 and 150 degrees. Bay Window is a great addition to your living room or bedroom. Cappy’s Windows and Doors has a large selection of energy efficient, STAR Energy Certified Bay Windows that come in large variety of sizes, materials and exterior colors. We offer fast and professional installation of Bay Windows in Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.  

Bow Windows

window replacement lehigh valley pa

Bow windows have a custom roof  and Bow windows are custom made to fit the opening. With Bow windows you can customize your own size and style. At Cappy’s Windows the bow windows are always available in any size, style, color no matter what kind of budget you have in mind. Bow windows usually have 4 to 5 windows that are all STAR Energy Certified to save you money on cooling and heating bills. Cappy’s Bow Windows are available in fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Replacing the wood charm of your windows can be done without loosing a great classic look of your original windows. At Cappy’s Windows you can select from from any styles of wood profiles. We offer great quality wood windows from Marvin Windows and Weathershield. Come to our Cappy’s Windows and Doors outlet to pick your Bow Window Today. 

Casement Windows

casement window replacement lehigh valley pa

Casement Windows available in different types of materials such as compositwood, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. At Cappy’s Windows are Casemenet Windows are the most Energy Efficient Windows.Casement windows is one of the best windows on the market and chosen by most homeowners. Casement Windows provide a better view to the outdoors. Sometimes casement windows are chosen to be placed behind sinks because of the simplicity and comfort of style and handle. Cappy’s Windows offers casement windows with many options for grids and different types of casement. We carry many brands that are Star Energy Certified and Ultimately Energy Efficient for your home. Some of out top window manufacturers are: Marvin Windows and Doors, Integrity by Marvin, and Energex Windows by Affinity. Casement Windows have affordable price and provide better ventilation for you and your family. 

Double Hung Windows

window replacement lehigh valley pa

Cappy’s Windows offer high quality, energy efficient Windows. Some of them are Double Hung Windows. At Cappy’s you don’t have to worry about our stock because we always have Double Hung Windows which available in fiberglass, vinyl, wood and compositwood. All of our windows are Energy Efficient and made by top manufacturers in USA. Double Hung Windows are made in the unique way so that sashes could tilt-in and open. There are many options available for inside and outside colors. In addition we have great hardware for easy opening and protection of locks. Our Double Hung Windows have air tight seal and therefore Double Hung Windows are frequently chosen by many homeowners. Double Hung Windows are designed in a specific way to make the outside glass easier to clean from the inside.